Thursday, April 29, 2010

Volunteer Summer School in Buryatia 2010

“You are invited to participate in the Volunteer Summer School in Buryatia 2010!

“The Volunteer Summer School in Buryatia is an independent educational charity project. Volunteers from all over the world are welcome to spend two weeks, July 16 - August 1, in two villages in Buryatia in Russia near Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world, to teach local kids and motivate them to study for a better life. It aims to broaden the minds of both kids and volunteers.

“There is one school in Mikhaylovka village and one school in Yengorboy village with about 400 students in total, and some of the children have no further prospects of getting higher education.

“In 2009, the Volunteer Summer School in Buryatia took place for the first time with Kate from Canada (English), Eva from Switzerland (Health), Miguel from Portugal (Internet), Juergen from Austria (Judo), and myself, Ayuna from Russia (Journalism) participating.

“If you are going to travel through Russia this summer, make a stop at the Volunteer Summer School in Buryatia!

“Please spread the word! Tell your friends and people who might be interested in participating, post this announcement in groups or on your website, or print our poster and hang it in your university or place of work:


“Ayuna Shoyzhitova
Organizer of the Volunteer Summer School in Buryatia

“WHAT: Two weeks of teaching kids and exploring Buryat culture, food, and nature
WHERE: Russia, Buryatia, Mikhaylovka and Yengorboy: two Buryat villages in the south of Buryatia, on the border with Mongolia
WHEN: July 2010
WHO: Eight volunteers from different countries of the world who want to go where they've never been, see what they've never seen, live a unique experience, broaden their minds, and help local children get wider exposure to the world and educational opportunities.

“The aims of the Volunteer Summer School in Buryatia are to promote higher education for local children and to become a life-changing experience for you.”

“Educate yourself and others.”

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