Monday, March 28, 2011

Ray Neuhalfen: North Dakota Garbage Man

On his debut album North Dakota Garbage Man, Ray Neuhalfen tells in his uniquely comical style about cooking for his daughter, helping his dad, dealing with his ex-wives, handling Facebook, being on trial, calling bingo, breaking bones, quitting smoking, and having the Greatest Job in the World!

North Dakota Garbage Man by Ray Neuhalfen

Track Listing:

1. I Like the Microphone
2. On Trial
3. You Can't Make Me Eat Them
4. Traditional American Denny's Thanksgiving
5. Lefse and Deer Sausage
6. She Called the Cops on Herself
7. Facebook
8. Every Single Parent Ever
9. Lemonade Stand
10. Brett Favre Did the Same Thing
11. Did I Tell You My Phone Broke?
12. Smoking
13. North Dakota Garbage Man
14. Are You Going to Apologize?
15. Tipped Them a Bottle of Vodka

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