Sunday, September 06, 2009

Songs entitled "North Dakota"

"North Dakota" by Lyle Lovett, U.S.A.
album: Joshua Judges Ruth, 1992

The boys from North Dakota
They drink whisky for their fun

"North Dakota" by Thrush Hermit, Canada
album: Sweet Homewrecker, 1997

If it makes you sad
It makes me sadder
If you ever miss me
I will always miss you more
In North Dakota we can only waste our time

"North Dakota" by Kris Delmhorst, U.S.A.
album: Appetite, 1998

And I'm watching your goodbye and I'm trying to cry
Guess I'm not built for this load, guess it's back to the road

So now Delaware is tollbooths, Virginia is twilight
and Michigan's beef jerky in a small boy's hand
and Arkansas's a skinny cop, Oregon is purple hands
and Flagstaff, Arizona is delirium at night

And I love North Dakota 'cause you have never been there
and the days go on for hours and the towns all look the same
and I can ride the back roads and I can walk the main streets
and I could show everyone your picture but they would not know your name
I love, I love, I love
North Dakota

"North Dakota" by Chris Knight, U.S.A.
album: A Pretty Good Guy, 2001

I never should have brought her here
Living’s rough this time of year
Trying to keep food and fire till winter's done
Sometimes she gazed across the plains
With a look that I couldn’t name
And I’d wonder if she’d stay till springtime come

I found her on the first warm day
The rain had washed the snow away
Went for wood and lost her way back home
And I ain’t the kind believes in ghosts
But some nights I get pretty close
When the North Dakota winter moans

"North Dakota" by Hold On Kid, Australia
album: Just For The Record - Demo, 2008

Maybe we should get away
Be ourselves, just the two of us
In your car, we'll drive till the road runs out
We can run forever

Hey and when we get there
We can find a cheap hotel
Where we can hide from the world
We can pretend that we're all alone
And no one else exists


Konchog said...

Hey Radigan, guess where I ended up? Not quite ND, but Montana. If you're there, I'm now you're neighbor, so...howdy neighbor!

Trishymouse said...

You're right...they are all pretty sad songs... :(

Radigan Neuhalfen said...

Howdy, Konchog! Though I'm not in North Dakota anymore; I was over the summer. On the way back to Mongolia.

Radigan Neuhalfen said...

I like sad songs.