Friday, April 27, 2007

Rise of the Robot Pets

"We understand that potential parrot owners are attracted by their beauty, their ability to intelligently interact with humans, and the attraction of owning an exotic pet... But when their physical and emotional needs are taken into account, a parrot can be as high-maintenance as a small child. The fact is that parrots have the social and intellectual development of a 2 to 5 year old child.

"Imagine such a child: He screams unimaginably loudly at dawn and dusk (and all times in between), chews the furniture and drapes, is unbelievably messy, constantly demands your attention, and engages in projectile pooping! But unlike a human, the parrot will remain this way for 80 years!

"It often gets worse as they get older. Upon reaching sexual maturity, a loving, cuddly young parrot may become aggressive... Remember, parrots are not domesticated creatures. They are only 1 to 2 generations removed from their natural habitat, and cannot be trained out of their natural instincts of screaming, chewing everything, and being messy.

"Because many people who purchase birds are ill-prepared for such a long, intensive commitment, parrots are often the subjects of abuse and neglect... No wonder the parrot becomes mean, depressed, or insane as a result...

"Please consider this information before deciding to own a parrot. The birds of Garuda Aviary represent a small fraction of the thousands of abused, neglected or unwanted birds."

--Garuda Aviary / Sanctuary for Birds

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