Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lyrical III

Seven Nations
I'm waiting for midnight
I'm waiting for silence

John Cougar Mellencamp
She calls me "Baby"
She calls everybody "Baby"

Marilyn Manson
Kill your god
Kill your god
Kill your TV

Merle Haggard
If someone ever said I gave a damn
They damn sure told you wrong

Deep down I know she loves me
But she's got a funny way of showing me how she cares
Last night she did a donut on my lawn
Then drove off with one finger in the air

I found it hard
It's hard to find
Oh well, whatever, nevermind

Motion City Soundtrack
I'll be back tomorrow
I'll be back in the ballroom, swinging
I'll be back with a capital "H"
It stands for "Hero" and the Hero is me

I'll be back tomorrow
I'll be back at a quarter to eleven
I'm half drunk, I can't see straight
And I'm off to save the world

New Found Glory
I finally have an audience to ignore me

There's a party at your house
'Cause your mama is a stripper

No Address
She don't like me singing songs
She don't wanna sing along
It's still the same
She only likes me when I'm gone

Counting Crows
Well, I woke up in mid-afternoon
'Cause that's when it all hurts the most

Steve Earle
I got an empty feeling deep inside
I'm going over to the other side

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