Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mongol Shuudan

The logo of the Russian anarcho-punk rock band Mongol Shuudan.

In Mongolian, “Mongol Shuudan” means “Mongolian Postal Service.”

Their music is inspired by the history of the anarchist forces of Nestor Makhno (the “Black Army,” which fought against both the Whites and the Reds) in the Russian Civil War.

Their name was inspired by a postage stamp.


lelly said...

I want to thankyou - I came across your blog and checked out Mongol Shuudan as a result, and I love their music.
I like your blog, too. What is that huge horse thing in the post above? Why is it being built?


Radigan Neuhalfen said...

No worries.

That is a statue of Chinggis Khaan, or "Genghis Khan." Why? Tourist trap, I conjecture.

lelz said...

Oh? Not a Glorious Monument to The Peoples' Noble Ancestors and the rich History of Mongolia?

thanks for map wiki link, btw.