Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Caca Sacrada


"Where have you posted your family tree so that we can verify your claim that you are descended from Christ?

"Nowhere. Out of respect for the privacy of my living relatives and to avoid having my home turned into a shrine, I will not make my family tree available to the public.

"So do you think you're worthy of worship since you descend by blood from the Savior of the World?

"It should be easy for anyone to imagine that certain parts of Grandpappy were 100% human, not a smidgen of the divine in them whatsoever. His toenails for example. Probably just like yours or mine. In fact, all of His waste products, if we want to get right down to it, probably had no sacred value whatsoever.

"I think your site is the best and I wonder how you got to be so awesome?

"I appreciate the sentiment, but let's consider what's really being said here. The truth is you don't really know me outside of what you can put together about me based upon the content of my website. I think we both know that this is not enough information for you to judge whether or not I am, on the whole, awesome. Now, if you like this site, then it appeals to YOUR sense of humor or makes points that YOU essentially agree with or both. So by saying it's the best and that I'm awesome, aren't you really saying that you're the best and that you're awesome? Of course, given that you find me amusing and essentially agree with everything I say, I'm inclined to agree that you are, in fact, totally awesome."