Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mongolian Day in Chicago – Malign God Theory

by Neil Steinberg for the Chicago Sun-Times, 2006 July 14:

"The entire length of Washington there is taken up with a dozen anti-abortion protesters, in a straight line, each holding the same 5-foot-tall poster showing a pair of tongs holding the bloody, decapitated, jawless head of a fetus.

"Did I ever mention my Malign God Theory? I don't think so. Briefly stated: There is a deity, and He does hear our prayers, but often acts perversely, for his own amusement.

"I turn my face, away from the grisly horror, and see a group of short Asian men in bright tribal uniforms -- long coats, round hats. A banner reads 'Mongolian Day in Chicago.' A stage, tents, chairs, already occupied by aging relatives, booths of some kind.

"These poor people. Bet they planned for six months. Rehearsing ancient dances. Eager to reflect Mongolian pride, to see a neglected people shining in the public square. Our city's first Mongolian festival.

"The great day arrives. They show up -- take chartered buses down from Waukegan, no doubt, enticing their families and friends along. Only to be confronted by platoons of grim, lipless yokels and gimlet- eyed, corn-fed fanatics, waving huge color photos of chopped-up babies."

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